TEMP Saving Calculator

Step 1.

Calculate the total kilowatts saved by replacing the inefficient lamps with more efficient lamps

Enter Original Lamp Wattage
Enter Replacement Lamp Wattage
Watts Saved per Lamp =
Enter Numbers of Lamps to replace x
Total Watts Saved =
Total Kilowatts Saved =

Step 2.

Calculate the total kWh per year saved by this upgrade

Total Kilowatts Saved
Enter Hours Used per Day x
Enter Days Used per Week x
Enter Weeks Used per Year x
Total kWh Saved per Year =

Step 3.

Calculate the total energy costs saved per year by this upgrade

Total kWh Saved per Year
Enter Your Energy Cost per kWh
(typically $.10)
Total Energy Cost Savings per Year =

Step 4.

Compute the payback of the upgrade

Enter Initial Cost of Lighting Upgrade $
Total Energy Cost Savings per Year /
# of Years for Payback  on Investment =

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