Why LEDCo America?

The recent development of LEDs has been a lighting revolution, giving us lighting options that are many times more efficient, bright, and durable than their incandescent and fluorescent counterparts.

At LEDCo America, we are industry leaders in energy efficient lighting projects that help to reduce our customers’ maintenance and operating costs while improving their overall lighting performance. We use our industry experience to go above and beyond to tailor project specific solutions for each customer’s unique needs.

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Located in the northwest suburbs of Chicago, our professionals have been helping to illuminate the midwest for years.

We have built our clientele list the old-fashioned way, through referrals and consistent customer support. LEDCo America has been trusted with the execution of major projects by local cities and municipalities, providing deviances on existing building codes to promote the use of the cutting-edge LED technology our customers demand. This process has also allowed us to create relationships with building departments that can speed up the time that it takes to pull a permit, approve a project, and begin the installation.

Our design department has successfully completed project drawing submittals for new construction and remodeling projects for some of the largest contractors in the world. The data is incorporated into CAD and Photometric software to model lighting performance in both a model view and 3D rendered views. Recent developments in LED technology have allowed us to think outside of the box and design lighting applications that can reduce initial costs while providing increased performance.

Top Reasons Why Happy Customers Contact LEDCo America

  1. Customers contact LEDCo America for experienced lighting consultations and design services.
  2. LEDCo America sends out one of our lighting experts to do a FREE lighting analysis.
  3. LEDCo’s representative will ask a number of questions to better tailor the solution to the customer’s needs.
  4. LEDCo’s team will provide a comprehensive proposal that incorporates quality products to best suit the client’s particular application. We also incorporate local utility rebates (completed by LEDCo for the customer) and applicable tax deductions in a Return on Investment summary.
  5. When the customer decides to move forward with the project, LEDCo secures the rebate money with the utility company and begins the ordering process.
  6. LEDCo only uses licensed, insured, and experienced electrical contractors on our projects. Through the years, we have formed close relationships with different electrical contractors who take as much pride in their work as we do providing our products.
  7. The project is not complete until a meticulous final inspection is conducted to make sure that the completed work meets the high standards that LEDCo upholds and the customer expects.
  8. Upon completion of the project, LEDCo will submit all remaining rebate and incentive documentation with consistent follow-ups to ensure the funding is provided to the customer.

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