Savings Calculator

Annual Energy Savings / ROI Calculator

Step 1.

Calculate the total kilowatts saved by replacing the inefficient lamps with more efficient lamps

Enter Original Lamp Wattage
Enter Replacement Lamp Wattage
Watts Saved per Lamp =
Enter Numbers of Lamps to replace x
Total Watts Saved =
Total Kilowatts Saved =

Step 2.

Calculate the total kWh per year saved by this upgrade

Total Kilowatts Saved
Enter Hours Used per Day x
Enter Days Used per Week x
Enter Weeks Used per Year x
Total kWh Saved per Year =

Step 3.

Calculate the total energy costs saved per year by this upgrade

Total kWh Saved per Year
Enter Your Energy Cost per kWh
(typically $.10)
Total Energy Cost Savings per Year =

Step 4.

Compute the payback of the upgrade

Enter Initial Cost of Lighting Upgrade $
Total Energy Cost Savings per Year /
# of Years for Payback  on Investment =

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