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Improve the look of your dealership and attract more customers with our LED lighting.

Selling a vehicle takes more than having the right stock and a motivated sales staff. LEDCo’s lighting solutions will improve the look of your dealership from the first row of cars in the parking lot to your showroom and service bays.

Best of all, LED lighting achieves this while lowering energy use by up to 50 percent. The fixtures also last three times longer than traditional lighting technologies, reducing maintenance and the need to move cars for bucket trucks.

Less hassle, more savings. All that’s left is taking the client for a test drive.

Case Studies

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Auto Dealership Lighting Application Guide EXAMPLE - Showcase Your Dealership and Attract Potential Customers Selling a vehicle is about more than just having the models, safety features and prices that your customers are looking for. It’s a visual and emotional experience. The same reason you wash, vacuum and wax a car before putting it […]

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